Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Solar Power Modular

I've been building up to this for a while -- the modular has been running off battery power for a few months and now the final pieces are complete for the full solar powered portable system (well, the frame at least -- the modules will always be changing!)

This new frame (built to size to fit within Easyjet's musical instrument carry-on luggage sizes!) holds a whopping 52 frac-module widths and houses two large (12v 1amp) solar panels in its lid. These hook up to rechargeable SLA batteries (via auto-charge controllers) and then power the modular frame.

Debut performance -> Goldmund Festival - late night, by a lake, extended techno wobble set!

New BabyBugCrusher 9vol

Announcing the new version BabyBugCrusher - now running off 9v power and with improved features.

The BugCrush circuitry has undergone a complete redesign over the last month. Out has gone the old synth-style bipolar supply (complex) to be replaced by simple 9v battery / DC plug power. And in the process I've added clean/dirty input boosting and a tone control that goes from mud to ripping.

This prototype is the new desktop version (though the final layout may change a little) and there will also be a stomp box version.

Production should begin mid August...
(but I can't say for sure!)

Monday, 23 July 2007

Bug Badges

Thanks to Made By Milla for doing a new batch of smart-assed Bug Badges.

Now available with other orders from the BugShop

Dazed Bugs / Confused Bugs

There's a full page bug interview feature in this month's Dazed & Confused mag. Go visit your local news-stand.

No plans to replace my currently a-bit-too-hippy hair with an asymmetric style cut, though..

The pics come from Arun Productions as blogged a while back