Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Daren Ager's Radiophonic Set - help Japan! (and links to other BugMod Radiophonics)

At the start of April there will be a great event at the Cube Cinema in Bristol over two evenings - A Radiophonic Weekend - Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd April 2011.

Recently I asked the users of my BugModular systems to come up with short tracks inspired by the works of the Radiophonic Workshop to be played in between parts of the Cube weekend. You can listen to all the tracks via the MuffWiggler Forum Thread Here. The results are, though I say so myself, freaking amazing and highly varied.

Daren Ager has gone one step further and has compiled his tracks into an album which he is now offering at a super price of only £1.25 with ALL proceeds being donated to the Red Cross for the Japan Disaster Relief Fund. (You can also easily donate MORE if you'd like!)

And to whet the appetite, here's one of his new videos:

Monday, 14 March 2011


These are the pics that relate to the latest ModularMailOut.
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Click the images for large versions.

5 x 1Frame Systems - shown without EndCheeks

Overview of the two System types
They're identical other than Type1 has 3xSYN2A Utility VCO while Type2 has one SYN2A replaced by a PRC5 Wavefolder

With Desktop EndCheeks

With 19" Rack EndCheeks

Costings: All prices are exclusive of shipping and VAT (@ 20% - applicable to all UK & EU sales)

Frame - £70
Desktop EndCheeks (Pair) - £20
MiniPower (inc UK or EU PSU) - £75
ENV1 Attack Decay - £100
SYN2A Utility VCO x 3 - £270
DD2 LFO / DC Mixer - £80
DD1 Modulator / LPG - £90
DD3 VCA / Drive - £90
PRC3A SV Filter - £90
PRC1 PT Delay - £95
UTL2 Output Mix - £60
Starter Cable Pack (24 Cables) - £40
TOTAL = £1080

For System Type 2 (PRC5 replaces one SYN2A) - add £5

For 19" Rack EndCheeks - subtract £5
For worldwide sales (120V operation) MiniPower is discounted due to self-sourcing PSU - subtract £7.50

Typical Shipping Costs -
UK - Special Delivery - £22.50
EU - DHL - £40
Worldwide - DHL - £50

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Toggle Time

Soon it will be time to::::