Thursday, 6 October 2011

Update for Berlin Show - Saturday 8th @ Kamine und Wein

Ok - here are the details for the Saturday night show at Kamine und Wein, 58 Prinzenallee (nr. Pankstrasse) - from 20:30 - with Jayrope and Olaf Hilgenfeld. + DJ Samtbody

Linkages -
Facebook (I don't know if this works 'cos I don't do such things..)

Here's the flyer (click for big):

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Berlin Preparations (100th post!)

Bumper excitements for post #100!
Three things to share as I prepare for a week in Berlin.

1) A recording of a practice:

2) Custom bags for the 2Frame Shallow setups:
Tomorrow I will be finding out whether Easyjet really do let you take on musical instruments like this. Fingers crossed!
The cases are soft and well padded, with a big pocket on the front for PSU / cables / panties.
Carry handles + a shoulder strap.
Dark blue - not quite BugBlue, but hey..

3) Not one, but TWO shows (in Berlin):
- Saturday 8th Oct at .... (name to follow!) ... - the show will be in Wedding, I think on Prinzenallee - nearest subway is Pankstrasse.
This will be another relatively low-key affair with demo, talking and playing with my friend Jayrope -
I think it is also being billed as "Miracle Research Association #3"
I'll update details once I hear more.

I'll be treating both of these shows as fun explorations and demonstrations - hopefully a great chance to meet some new people and have a good play. Do come along if you are around.