Wednesday, 12 December 2007

More Postcards

There's more changes coming in Postcard world..
Yesterday I picked up my first batch of professionally made PCBs for the new version PostcardWeevil. The circuit is pretty much the same as the recent Postcard07, but tweaked to more compact size and efficient layout due to the open possibilities of pro-pcbs. The touch-points also seem to be even more responsive and there are multitudes of wierdy sounds resident within the little circuit.

Three lo-fi oscillators, quasi-ring-modulated together.
Five control dials and nine body-contact points.
Power starvation to send the oscs into chaos.
Mini-amp / speaker for on the move sonics.
And mini-jack output for big PA squeal power noise.

These will be hitting the BugShop right before Christmas when I'm back from work in Holland.