Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New Modular Bits - an early Christmas!

I posted some images of new EndCheek designs on the MW forum last month (here)

The parts have now come back from the metal work shop and look fantastic!
(great thanks to Steve Bell at
PEM Sheetmetal - they do all my metal work and are great to work with)

My new personal 4FrameBomber setup (click any image for HiRes):

There are a few new & prototype modules hidden within there.
The modules are (from top left):

2 x SYN2A rev1 XR09VCO // 3 x SYN2A rev2 Utility VCO // E350 Morphing Terrarium // DD1 rev2 Modulator / LPG // 2 x PRC3A rev1 SV Filter // UTL1 Dual Preamp (rev2 which doesn't work properly! to be replaced!)

SYN1 Weevil beta (really early one) // 2 x ENV1 rev1 Attack Decay // ENV1 rev2 Attack Decay // 2 x DD2 rev2 LFO/DCMixer // PRC2 BugCrusher // UTL3 Dual VCA // PRC4 Dual LPG // DD3 VCA/Drive Beta

SYN3 Digital Shift Prototype //. CLK2A Divisions // CLK2B Binary Division // CLK3A Triple Logic // CTL3 8 Stage Preset Proto // 2 x PRC1 PT Delay // UTL5 Fade/Pan Beta

CTL2 rev2 Joystick/Touch // CTL1 rev2 Touch Panel // UTL4 Dual DC Mixer // UTL2C Matrix Mixer // UTL2 Output Mix // UTL2B Outputs

At the same time I received some 'Boot' style EndCheeks too in 3 and 4 Frame sizes:

Some of the EndCheeks were powdercoated in Blue Leatherette finish:

And to finish up here's a pic. of a BugModular user's update setup newly updated: