Friday, 13 July 2012

Coming Up for the Summer:

The main website is somewhat stagnant!
So in run-down, here are the future live happenings:::
(technically, of course, September and October are usually considered to be Autumn, but I'm hoping that Summer may just be late this year and the seasons will shuffle around accordingly)

Friday 10th - Sunday 12th August - Supernormal Festival
Brazier's Park, Oxfordshire
This should be a great antidote to the usual corporate sh**fests.
Two main bug bits:
- headphone modular tours -> think this will be on the Saturday, in the afternoon, in a barn
- BugModular Technoid-Wobbles -> live on Sunday night
+ I'll have a Weevil in some form of automated orchestra installation thingy (clearly I am still unclear...)

Sunday 9th September - Amalgam at The Cube, Bristol
Really excited that I'll finally get to play (improvised) with Pete Judge (we were due to play together in the Blackout Tent at what turned out to be the final Ashton Court Festival) and Tony Orrell.

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th October - Tusk Festival at the Star & Shadow, Newcastle
I'll be rekindling the WOM workshop -
(tickets are already selling quickly - don't delay if you're interested!)

November... maybe a couple more things but that is months off so....

Is this Traditional? 1Frame Setup

(click for big!)

Something of a Traditional Synth Voice setup.
I used this last night to make some demo sounds, controlled by a Midi-to-CV unit.
Lots of fun - very quick to arrive at powerful and versatile sounds.

Here's the set of sonics on soundcloud::

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The current Modular setup

Here's the 3(Shallow)Frames I've got set up for live use at the moment:
(click for big!)

For the live stuff I've generally been taking a master clock from the TR606 (via UTLX, top right). 
This clock is then used to drive Seqs, Divs, etc. and these derived clocks hook onwards into a Tama twin-drum module and generate events within the modular.

So, the top frame is mainly Clocking
The middle frame is a variety of different things (think I will lose the clocking modules in the middle of this frame) - inc. new CTL1 Touch Panel version (the green)
& the bottom is mostly the synthesis - several SYN2B Quadrature Sine Oscillators for FM goodness.

Lots of power, but relatively compact and portable.