Tuesday, 18 March 2008

CMOS Modulars

The 4000 series CMOS logic series holds some wonderful chips for clocking (ie rhythmic) and audio generation (squarewaves). There's a very inspiring new forum at electro-music.com that's dedicated to / inspired by Stanley Lunetta..
Lunettas - circuits inspired by Stanley Lunetta

Here's my first module - clocking and XNORs - pretty much the heart of a Weevil but without body contact and power starvation..
Quite a few more designs in the pipeline now - the rhythmic possibilities are really exciting.
I'll be posting more details such as panel layouts and schematics shortly. The whole idea behind these circuits is that they're meant to be quick and dirty -- its actually the panel making that seems to take the longest!

Edit:: more schematics and details now on my electronics page

Can Weevils fly?

The new batch of Weevil08s flew out of the BugShop in under 24hours..

Monday, 17 March 2008

Blow-up Magazine

If you can read Italian...
From the January edition of BlowUp Magazine