Tuesday, 20 January 2009

System Configurations

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System Configuration Ideas
Here are some ideas on how BugModular systems may be put together - there's plenty of scope..
For more discussion, visit the new BugForum (hosted by MuffWiggler)

  1. Single Rack Bug1
    CTL1 // ENV1 // 2 x SYN2A // PRC2 // DD2 //DD1 // PRC1 // UTL2
  2. Single Rack RQuirk1
    CTL1 // ENV1 // SYN2A // SYN1 // DD2 // DD1 //PRC1 // UTL2
  3. Two Rack Bug Jan09
    Top Row: ENV1 // DD2 // SYN1 // 3 x SYN2A // PRC2 // DD2 // DD1 // UTL1
    Bottom Row: 2 x CTL1 // ENV1 // DD1 // 2 x PRC1 // UTL2
  4. Drone Machine
    Input //[Blank]// 3 x VCO //[Blank]// SV Filter // Invert // RingMod // Delay // Out Mix
  5. D/A/A/D setup
    CTL1 // 2 x ENV1 // DD2 // 2 x SYN2A // DD1 // PRC1 // UTL2

Thursday, 15 January 2009

New Website / New Modular / New Weevil

Time for some big shifts!

I've been hinting at behind-the-scenes work for the last few months and can finally reveal all.
There's been a complete website overhaul: www.bugbrand.co.uk
I have announced the new BugBrand Modular system
& the BoardWeevil is now creeping into production

Website - big thanks go to Both Design for a really excellent service! Nick Burning Origami has taken the open-source ZenCart system and customised it in a wonderful way.
This is a great step on from the old website (which I made myself) - much more integration and power! There's still quite a lot of info to port across from the old site, so keep checking over the coming weeks (and let me know if there's anything in particular that you'd like to see returned)
BugBrand Modular - this is, no word of a lie, super-damn-exciting!
Something like 6 months in development (which is actually pretty quick) to reach a good starting point covering full systems and a nice range of modules (there WILL be more soon too).
I'm not going to be making many systems at this early stage, but several modules will be coming out in 1/8" Frac format (compared with my standard 4mm banana Fracs)
I wouldn't have been able to do this without the help my small team of testers provided - I extend great thanks to them all!
Top bananas were: Mike MuffWiggler, Richard Quirk and Girilal Baars
1/8" testers were: E.Hurlburt and H.Munz
I've just put up some new YouTube demos and there's a section of audio files on the web too.
Board Weevil - the 1st batch is now out at a reduced price (limited quantities) just to use up my initial stash of PCBs. Within the next couple of weeks I'll be releasing the proper production version with changes to the screen-print (made lighter) and a few minor layout tweaks (more space around the dials). I hope to keep these in regular stock through the year!
Enjoy 2009!

Saturday, 3 January 2009


Alongside the new rack is a custom designed Power Supply Unit (PSU) for modular systems.

This is a stable +/-15v supply (using LM317/337) capable of max. 500mA per side and pre-configurable for 220-240v or 110-120v operation. Housed within a strong steel enclosure with standard fused & switched IEC mains inlet, two 3-pin locking power outputs (to modular racks), LED indicators and 4mm common ground link.

The design is finished off with a 0.125" steel top including ventilation and integrated rubber feet.

More details of system usage coming soon!