Monday, 15 March 2010

BugModular - Standard Racks

Newly updated::: Rack Frames and Endcheeks.

Details are now given on the BugBrand Modular Accessories page for four standard setups - 19" RackMount and three desktop setups. No, they're not 'generally' available yet... (more info soon via the Modular Mailing List)
The racks have been redesigned from last year's work - now they're fabricated in 1.5mm aluminium so that they're not as heavy (good for shipping). The new EndCheek options allow very easy assembly and give really stable results - EndCheeks are plain 3mm alu for the RackMount and 4mm alu for the desktop setups.

As an initial proof-of-concept, racks can also be joined together to form larger units with a single EndCheek in a mid position:
Here are a couple of pics of my new personal setup in 3Rack-Desktop::