Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Empty Rack Case

A tease?

Further details added 3rd Jan 09:::

This is a new FrackRack case that I have designed and had fabricated locally in Bristol.

The design has several strengths including:
  • space for eleven frac-widths -> little space wasted in rack-ears
  • modules fixed with M3 bolts + integrated captive nuts for strength yet easy removal
  • detachable rack-ears leaving a 16.6" wide 'box' which can easily be grouped into larger systems
  • integrated power bus bar with 12 x 0.1" power headers and 10 x 0.156"
  • sturdy 3-pin locking power entry on rear-panel
  • only 4" deep! Very compact (though unsuitable for many deeper frac modules...)
  • extremely rugged -> made of 0.05" black painted steel + 0.125" for rack-ears
  • overall dimensions without rack ears -> 16.6" wide, 5.25" tall (3-u), 4" deep
These further pictures show some close-ups without the rack ears attached.
More details as to (my) usage and availability coming soon!


Richard said...

hmmm, and what would you need that for Tom ;-}

derek said...

I think it's a new toaster oven for some man-cookin'