Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Announcing the BugCrusherMicro

Here's the proto of the new BugCrusher -- the Micro -- Super Simple, Super Effective!
  • One knob adjustment of Rate - from fizzly highs to gurgling lows
  • Zero gain/loss - your signal strength is the same going in as going out, so there's no need for level controls
  • Ideal for low level or line level operation - use for guitar/bass or as a mixer send (also, the I/O is in phase, so you can easily mix the dry signal back in with the effected signal)
  • Compact size - only 120 x 65 x 40mm (that's about the size of MXR pedals)
  • Silent electronic true bypass with strong stomp switch
  • 9v operation - internal battery or standard DC socket
Production is now imminent (plus - improved box decoration!) and a batch should be available next week (start of Dec) - join the BugBrand mailing list to hear the announcement!