Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Empty Rack Case

A tease?

Further details added 3rd Jan 09:::

This is a new FrackRack case that I have designed and had fabricated locally in Bristol.

The design has several strengths including:
  • space for eleven frac-widths -> little space wasted in rack-ears
  • modules fixed with M3 bolts + integrated captive nuts for strength yet easy removal
  • detachable rack-ears leaving a 16.6" wide 'box' which can easily be grouped into larger systems
  • integrated power bus bar with 12 x 0.1" power headers and 10 x 0.156"
  • sturdy 3-pin locking power entry on rear-panel
  • only 4" deep! Very compact (though unsuitable for many deeper frac modules...)
  • extremely rugged -> made of 0.05" black painted steel + 0.125" for rack-ears
  • overall dimensions without rack ears -> 16.6" wide, 5.25" tall (3-u), 4" deep
These further pictures show some close-ups without the rack ears attached.
More details as to (my) usage and availability coming soon!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

BoardWeevil09 - first view

Here's the initial build of the new Weevil for 2009 ----> the BoardWeevil

Its like a souped-up Postcard and takes in some new design ideas I've been playing with through 2008. My aim has been to create something with the power of previous big Weevils, but which is more easily replicated (to try to meet demand...)

Some notes:
  • Three Oscs with Lo/Hi Ranges with the usual Quasi-ringmod
  • Oscs 2 & 3 can Sync to Osc1
  • Osc1 also has a Light Sensor for pitching (switchable)
  • Power starve for the Weevil-heart - this also has a switchable Light Sensor
  • Balance Control fades between Ring1 (oscs1 & 2) and Ring2 (oscs 1 & 2 & 3)
  • Simple Tone Control
  • Output Level dial feeding a standard 1/4" jack
  • Onboard Mini-Amp
  • 14 body contacts (gold plated!)
  • All Dials are 9mm Alps -- still compact, but much sturdier than the orig. Postcard ones.
Due for release in Jan09.