Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Solar Weevils - prototyping

Here're some initial details of my new Solar Weevil project which is kindly supported by Middlesex University Teaching Resources (MUTR) - they're a really interesting shop selling lots of different materials / components - mainly focused on supplying education establishments, but also with some great bits for DIY tinkerers. They're supplying me with the solar panels (4.5v 100mA) and super capacitors (10F, 2.5v). Super capacitors are really interesting and I'll discuss their uses in more detail at a later date - here they're being used as little rechargeable batteries.

This is the other thread of solar work along with the modular stuff. What I've tried to do is make a system that stores energy during the day and then, using simple light sensors and transistor switches, switches a little Weevil synth circuit on when dusk arrives. As the light fails and the stored power is drained, the Weevil sounds move through different territories until starved of power.

These will be built in multiples and then hung from bushes at the Offload Festival - when dusk comes the swarms will burst into an evening chorus!

More details over the next few months!