Friday, 25 June 2010

Check my repository of BugModularNoodles

A place to store that which I play::::

Since I never get the chance to 'record properly' any more, but I quite often record my playings with the BugModular, I wanted a place to store recordings that was super easy to use. So I chose Virb and have been uploading bits over the last month.

Have a listen!

What you'll hear is almost entirely:
- just BugModular
- recorded in one take, no preparation, in Mono and with minimal edits

There are a few bits that creep in with some quantizers and I've recently been hooking up a keyboard for Midi to CV -- but the vast majority of the tuning and rhythm is simply created with the modules and fine tweaking.

Granted, they're rough'n'ready, warts'n'all, but I hope this gives some idea of the sounds and flows of the BugModular and how I play the system.