Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Four Years Progress

Four years ago I'd been DIYing modular stuff for a year or two at least and was having a lot of fun - but then I was faced with the challenge of how to take a system to Europe (on Easyjet). I ended up building this (built to the Easyjet musical instrument carry-on dimensions - of course, flying from the UK they totally DIDN'T let me carry it on...) and performed a 4am wobbly-techno set by a lake near Berlin for the Goldmund Festival - it was great.

The Modular has always been driven by what I desire from a live system and portability has always been a major concern for me. Since I started producing 'regular' systems, the size has come down a long way from the old DIY days, but my 4" deep Frames still felt a little cumbersome - and they actually held a lot of wasted space since I changed all module designs to the new Rev.2 status (using SMD parts).

So, when I was asked to return again to the same festival (now called Am Ende Der Wald - it really is the most magical event and location) I got the idea to produce a new system frame - the Shallow Frame. Not only does it cut down the depth by almost 50% (now only 2.3" deep) but I also spread out to the sides to produce a 16-width frame (2 foot wide) - why should I stay constrained by the original sizes dictated by 19" Racks when 95% of my frames DON'T get used in 19" Racks?! I really do see these new frames as the future! (Yes, they will be regular production cases, along with the current 11-width ones)

Here are the results - a 2FrameShallow setup, crammed to the gills with sonic & rhythmic power! Believe me, this system is seriously fun to play and constantly surprises with variety. And it is pretty portable too. If you want to catch the results, then I'll be playing around Midnight on the first night at the Space Opera Saloon. [Click the pics for larger versions]

Top Row:
SYN1 Weevil // 3 x SYN2A Utility VCO // 2 x DD2 LFO/DC-Mix // PRC5 Wavefolder // 2x PRC3A SV Filter // PRC4 Dual LPG // DD3 VCA/Drive // 2x PRC1 PT Delay // UTL1 Dual Preamp // PRC2 BugCrusher
Bottom Row:
SEQ1 Sequence Hub // CTL3A Prototype 8 Stage Preset // CLK2A Divisions // CLK2B Binary Divisions // CLK3A Triple Logic // UTL6C Diode Director // 3x ENV1 Attack/Decay // UTL2B Outputs

[Yes, as always, virtually no public availability due to ongoing work with current system users - but I *AM* working towards 'proper' production - oh yes! Sign up for the ModularMailingList via the main BugSite]