Thursday, 7 January 2010

CLK2A - Divisive Video

I did a YouTube run-through of the new CLK2A

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

CLK2A - Divisions

Introducing the new CLK2A Division module. This is the first of a range of CLK Clocking modules - yes, it does seem strange to start with CLK2A but that's because CLK1 will be some form of 'Master' VC-Clock and there should be a CLK2B with binary divisions.

This show-cases two new setups:
  1. The Clocking 'Bus' - internal connections are made between CLK Clocking modules allowing 'Master' controls of Clock and Reset (eg. with CLK1 VC-Clock as Master)
  2. SMD (Surface Mount) construction - in a bid to make designs easier to fabricate many parts are being moved to surface mount and thus eliminating hand-wiring. New banana sockets now securely fix the front-panel to the two parallel-mounted PCBs and the result is an incredibly compact module. (this also, for now at least, rules out the possibility of mini-jack modules -- a whole new PCB footprint would be required)
[Not shown in the images above: - one IC has vanished from the 2nd picture (?!!) and mounting pillars are not fitted to join the PCBs together -- these are initial Proto pics!]