Sunday, 8 July 2012

The current Modular setup

Here's the 3(Shallow)Frames I've got set up for live use at the moment:
(click for big!)

For the live stuff I've generally been taking a master clock from the TR606 (via UTLX, top right). 
This clock is then used to drive Seqs, Divs, etc. and these derived clocks hook onwards into a Tama twin-drum module and generate events within the modular.

So, the top frame is mainly Clocking
The middle frame is a variety of different things (think I will lose the clocking modules in the middle of this frame) - inc. new CTL1 Touch Panel version (the green)
& the bottom is mostly the synthesis - several SYN2B Quadrature Sine Oscillators for FM goodness.

Lots of power, but relatively compact and portable. 

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