Tuesday, 24 April 2007

New Weevil Prototype

So, finally, here's the new Weevil07 prototype. This proto is a bit of an experiment to try a few new techniques. I've not scheduled proper production yet, but will be doing a couple more prototypes shortly - these'll certainly be a little bit bigger as this design is a little too cramped - bigger touchplates, better knobs and spread a bit further apart. Must add the internal speaker too...

The New Stuff:::
Front Panel - this tries out some CNC ideas. Its made from an engraved PCB (tinned) with 9 contact plates and dial engraving around the knobs. I've chosen not to add labels for the controls.

Oscillators - again, like previous Weevils, you get two oscillators that are ring-modulated together for a bunch of audio chaos. There's a switch for low or hi freq and there's a new pulse width control for each osc - ranging from 50% sqr wave up to a very narrow pulse. The low power circuitry is a bit different too - again this just starves the oscillators, but behaves quite differently from the old designs.

Filter - this is much more powerful than other Weevil filters. Actually, its similar to what I used on the one-off Weevil Knievel - a 2pole resonant low pass filter - pretty gnarly with the resonance turned up.

Touchpoints - there's 3 points for each osc (two pitching and one pulse width) - the outside sets of touchpoints. The central 3 are - ringmod output, ground and filter mod (touch this to open up the filter)

So, as I say, general production is still a way off, especially with a bunch of projects coming up for me... Stay informed with updates via the BugBrand mailing list

& here's a new YouTube demo of it:


James said...

Hot damn!
PWM with body contacts - excellent, an extra knob for resonance would be a good addition for a production version though ;)

keep up the good work!

. said...

nice to see you doing more of those lovely instruments.

just blogged you on
and added permanent link :-)

btw my weevil 06 is still going strong. a small film is here
featured in the second half ......

BugBrand said...

Cheers James & Rob.

James - there is a resonance knob?! 2nd blue control along..

Thanks a bunch Rob! Yeah, thanks for the video.

psylux said...

Sounds great.

Where did you find those multi colored knobs?

Mark said...

Analogue Systems knobs??

BugBrand said...

--- they're my favourite supplier -- very fast, efficient & friendly. Only problem for people is that Rapid are UK based and have a high minimum order size for overseas customers.

Thanks all!

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