Monday, 12 May 2008


Here's a new board-synth design that is going to be used for some upcoming workshop events - build your own drone'n'noise machine. The schematic and design will be shared imminently on the BugBrand Electronics page (once I do up a pdf document for the workshop teaching).

This design features:
3 oscillators - two of which can be sync'd to Osc1 resulting in very rich harmonic drone sounds.
Each osc has a switch for hi or lo pitch. The Oscs are all running at audio-rates (rather than the sub-audio clicks of the PostcardWeevil)
Mixer and comparator to bring together the Oscs and give a stable output level even when starved. The starve also has two settings - stable and unstable.
CMOS overdrive with tone contol and drive setting.
13 touch points!
10 dials!
7 switches (well, 6 if you discount the on/off switch)
1/4" jack output and/or onboard mini-amp.

Results? Power drones and chaoscillations. Touchy-screamy!
(Demo sounds coming soon)

Time to build - pretty quick - hopefully people with little or no experience will be able to build these (and learn something about what's going on too) within 4 hours or so. (maybe being optimistic?!)

Workshops are currently booked for Berlin (24th May at PickledFeet) and then in Lisbon at the UM festival sometime mid-to-late June (exact date TBC - via New Interfaces). Get in touch via the main BugBrand site if you'd like to book a workshop for your area...

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Drohnwerks said...


10 knobs and multi oscillator goodness.

Will there be kits to buy?