Thursday, 12 June 2008

Modular recordings

I've just uploaded some mp3s of modular playings - a full CD length of recordings for download.
They're free flowing plays, some rhythms, some drones, some warts.
Pure analogue all made with the suitcase system shown above (though some modules have changed since this photo)
Visit the BugBrand Modular page and enjoy!

Also an archive picture of the modular from Oct07 before the case changed to the more portable suitcase version:


bad_sector said...

Fantastic Tom! Looking forward to listening to this!

fluxmonk said...

klee-spotting! would be great to get a module listing to go w/ the graphic. are you mixing the lunetta and standard modules? inspiring as always.


(((stereofect))) said...

These tracks are incredible. Free-flowing modular tweaking is trippy to be sure.... but this stuff is mindblowing, warts and all. Wonderful stuff, Tom. Thank you for sharing...!!!