Monday, 3 November 2008

More Modular Recordings

Here's a few recent snippets of sound from the bug modules. These are presented pretty much warts-and-all -> live takes recorded straight in pure MONO (!) either with a mic straight in front of an amp or direct to a soundcard - no effects..

Plinking LPGs
- this involves a bunch of clock divisions, driving three Osc chains (no keyboard pitching here)
- three VCOs, tuned manually and then modulate with direct clock signals
- going through three LoPassGates controlled by three simple Envs which have different clock divsions..
- a bit of wobble tuning in there!

- a rhythmic one where a trigger seq plays throughout and extra clock divisions build on top
- a bit of an extendo, but the rhythmics become very bouncy towards the end.

- a short burst from an elongated take using only a few modules (6frac width, hence the title)
- there's no traditional VCOs in there, feedback variations causes the rhythms to shift and bounce

(you can click the mp3 label below to find other bug modular tracks)


(((stereofect))) said...

More excellent noodlings. "Drubub" is definitely my fav.

Thanks for sharing...!!


Neal Beard said...

patch-lead-tastic and inspiring!