Sunday, 12 April 2009

Klee Contra

New BugModular Porta-Case controlled by the Scott Stites / Klee Sequencer

I just completed a prototype compact case for travel playing (more details shortly). Playing last night I dug out the Klee Seq that I built a year or two ago - dusted it off and it started running rings around the room, a very fun machine.

The Klee outputs (CVs and Gates) control two simple voices - each voice has just a SYN2A VCO followed by a PRC3A SV Filter + control from an ENV1 Attack/Decay. I added a little osc->filter cross modulation between voices too. From this simple setup, with the speed and power of the Klee, come some thick and gnarled technoid wobbles. I recorded 45 minutes straight up, running with the flow and here are a few snippets (all live, single takes, no effects, straight recordings) - needs decent speakers or headphones.

KleeContra1 // KleeContra2 // KleeContra3 // KleeContra4 // KleeContra5 // KleeContra6 // KleeContra7 // KleeContra8 //


cebec said...

Wow. Great sound and cool case!

Kent said...

Tom, first the loverly modules and now the porta-case! Why are you intent upon decimating my wallet? Why are you dead-set upon causing my babies to go without food?