Monday, 27 July 2009

CTL1 - Touch Panel - version2

Announcing a major update to the CTL1 - Touch Panel for the BugModular System.

Several great new features and updates:
  • Improved Touch-pad design for increased sensitivity
  • Extra Preset Row and Common Gate added
  • Sequencing - input a signal to step Left or Right
  • Fully updated circuitry and dense PCB construction
  • Overall visual yum!
Is this available? No - not really (..sorry..)
Initially these will only be made for the small current group of BugModular system users though I hope to be able to offer further units (for regular Frac users) at a later date.

The (dense) Insides of the 1st built (ie a little bit rough)
Version 1

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Chris said...

sir you are the Buchla of Bristol

or should that be zee buzzela o brizzle
(can't type bristolian)