Friday, 15 June 2007

Trio of Weevil07

Its taken a while but finally the Weevil07 cranks into (vague) production. Here's the first batch of three, freshly constructed. The design is updated a bit from the Weevil07 Prototype - bigger case (proto was too fiddly small), range tweaks, LEDs...

The range of sounds, compared with the Weevil06, is extreme and powerful:
- tweaked oscs now with pulse width adjustment for extra versatile sounds
- powerful analogue low-pass filter with resonance control
- more responsive touchplate - the touchy sounds you can get are super-chaos!

Full production should commence in July (though, judging by my recent form, times may slide somewhat).


bad_sector said...

Very nice-looking! One day I'm going to have to purchase something as splendid as this.

Did you enjoy the Free Noise show at the Arnolfi a month or so ago? I saw that you were there but didn't want to interupt your evening by saying hello ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looking great! Any chance you'll be making a silver one like the prototype? :).