Monday, 15 February 2010

BugModular - rev2 Updates

As shown in the recent CLK2A Divisions post, I've been taking on some new techniques for Modular production. Along with the move towards Surface Mount I've also sourced special potentiometers for the new designs. I'd been wanting a vertically mounted type, but nothing quite fitted my requirements, so....

The module designs from last year will gradually be updated to incorporate these changes - and there may be some alterations along the way..

For example, the update of the SYN2A changes name to the Utility VCO and replaces the sine wave with a new ramp(ish) wave with waveshaping (same control as for PWM). See below for scope shots of the ramp wave shaping - note that the waves at either end are 'squished' to maintain the standard 10v p-to-p waveforms - still sounds great!

Waveshape dial anti-clockwise

Waveshape dial middle - gives double-freq ramp

Waveshape dial fully clockwise - gives out of phase ramp

The UTL4 Dual DC Mixer has also undergone an update (no real changes to the previous version):

These modules aren't available for sale just yet, but it won't be too long - and there's more updates coming. Stay tuned!

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Dope Game Tom said...

Those pots are sexy!

The re-vamped modules look amazing, as do those scope shots.