Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Some Modular MP3s

Has it been a while since I posted some audio?

Jan2010 - CLK2A plus PRC3
A couple of VCOs with rhtyhmics generated by the CLK2A Division.
After a while I turned up the resonance on the PRC3 VCFilters and it went all swirly.

Feb2010 - SYN2A Wobble
Demoing a pair of the new SYN2A VCOs -- but does it give a clear picture? Not particularly...!

Feb2010 - SYN2A Straight Sounds
This gives a better idea of the pure SYN2A sounds -- pure outputs with FM modulation from another VCO.

Feb2010 - More SYN2A and the wrong-proto CTL3

Something tuneful (quite) again using the new SYN2As but also with pitching from a proto CTL3 8-stage-preset module which needs some more TLC before proper announcement. This is driven by divisions from CLK2A modules. I let the recording run on into .......... plinks etc. from PRC3 VCFs.

And a couple which I can't remember much about - they must have been recorded Nov2009 and Jan2010 or there-abouts.. Kind of elongated, warts and all.. Some FM sounds in the Nov one for sure::
Sometime November
Sometime January

[[all are in mp3 format - downloadable if you wish // recorded with mic near pretty basic speaker setups driven straight from the 2rack porta-case // minimal or no edits!]]

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