Tuesday, 29 May 2007

BugBrand Ebay Clear Out

The first set of Ebay auctions is now running. There'll be plenty more added over the next days/weeks... A lot must go!

Have a check through the listings


Matias said...

Everything you do is so cool!!!! Congratulations!!!
Is there a way to start learning this kind of stuff? I´m from Argentina and there is not much over here..I do experiment by my own but it´s very difficult.. is there a book or something you can recommend?

thank you so much.. your work is inspiring..



BugBrand said...

Thanks Matias - I've sent you an email.

One good pointer is the Electronic Projects for Musicians book by Craig Anderton. This has so much good info, great projects, etc - and its available from www.paia.com along with some full kits for the projects.