Thursday, 24 May 2007

BugBrand RingModulator

Here's a new BugBox - I was asked to make a custom ringmod for someone recently.. I figured it would be worthwhile making a couple as I'd got the parts. So here's details of the box::::

Built with modular techniques, this is a two input all analogue ring mod built with the powerful AD633 multiplier chip for quality operation.

You can either ring modulated two input signals (or feed the same signal to both inputs for great & wierd octave-up effect) or one input with an internal varispeed oscillator.

- 2 input preamps - independent gain, mono inputs accepting mic or line levels
-- internal varishape oscillator with triangle and square waveforms and speed variable from slow tremelo up to hyper freqs (three way speed switch plus rate dial). The waveshape changes the triangle from ramp-down through triangle to saw wave (ie changes the harmonic content greatly) and squarewave is changed from narrow pulses through to pure square
--- ringmodulation of either In1 vs In2 (don't see that so often?!) or In1 vs Osc. The Osc setting allows so many sounds ranging from smooth or hyperharsh tremolo up into screamy pure noise ringmods - the varishape and varispeed give so many different sounds.
---- output mix to blend the ringmod output with dry1 and dry2 signals
----- modular expansion connectors on the back -> direct 4mm banana outputs from the two preamps and from the oscillator allowing hookup to other modular devices. Standardised output levels ideal for most modular systems.
------ chunky metal case, engraved faceplates, big-assed nicey knobs.
------- AC power (supplied)

So, the 1st box has now gone to the original instigator and the 2nd one is being offered to people on the Bug-mailing list.

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