Thursday, 17 May 2007

On tour with A Hawk & A Hacksaw & the Hun Hangar Ensemble

The last couple of weeks I've been around the country doing sound for A Hawk & A Hacksaw (Jeremy Barnes & Heather Trost from New Mexico) and the Hun Hangar Ensemble (four musicians from Hungary -- Balasz - cimbalom, Ferenc - trumpet & violin, Bela - sax & clarinet & hungarian bagpipes, Zsolt - double bass). Great fun, wonderful music and a lot of learning (consider that I'm pretty much self-taught doing sound for shows, having only really worked at the Cube (100 capacity) -- so quite a step-up to be working at Brighton Dome (capacity 1400!))

More pics on the BugBrand Photo page, but here's a couple of favourites. As always, these are analogue photos taken on the wonderful little Olympus XA-2 (kind of like a high-class Lomo Kompact Automat but cheaper -- I got mine 10 years ago and its still going strong. They crop up a lot on Ebay for well under 30pounds)

EDIT --- I went to a local CarBootSale last weekend and found an XA2 with flash for the heavy heavy price of only 1pound!

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